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What are you called to do this summer!?

Thank you for your interest in a summer staff position at Cedarkirk.  We firmly believe that the quality of our program depends on the quality of our staff.  We are looking for caring and energetic Christians who can contribute to this summer camp ministry.  If you are searching for a summer experience that is fun, meaningful, and has the opportunity to make a difference in someone’s life, please consider applying for a position on the 2012 Cedarkirk Summer Camp Staff.  Descriptions of each position available are listed below.

How do I apply for a position?
Use the link below to apply for a position on Cedarkirk's 2012 Summer Staff (we no longer accept paper applications).  You will be asked to create a username and password so that you can revisit or review your application before you submit it.  When you have completed the application, be sure you click the "Submit" button or the application will not be added to the database and we will not be able to view it. 

When your application and at least two of your personal references have been received we will begin the interview process, so please make sure your references know that their forms should be submitted in a timely manner. If you know of others who may be interested and qualified, please direct them to this website or have them contact the camp office. Applicants must be at least 18 years of age and one year out of high school to be considered for a summer position.

Returning Staff: You will need to submit an online application.  All of the information from last year's application is already on file, you just need to update any contact info, references, work experience, etc. since you last worked at Cedarkirk and answer three supplemental questions noted in the application.

If you have any questions, please contact Matt Shick or Mark Orendorf via email (matt@cedarkirk.org or mark@cedarkirk.org), or call (813) 685-4224. We look forward to hearing from you!

Apply for a 2012 Summer Staff Position at Cedarkirk!

Summer Staff Positions for 2012
CAMP COUNSELOR    (20 positions)                                   
Applicants for this position must have an understanding of the needs of children and youth and be able to respond to and nurture the needs of each camper. Above all, counselors serve as strong Christian role models and caretakers for their campers. Each counselor is paired with a co-counselor and up to 16 campers to comprise a small group. Counselors are responsible for the leadership of all small group activities such as Bible study (from prepared curriculum), supervision, recreation, and community building. Counselors rotate weekly between different co-counselors and programs so there is a variety of ages and types of camps that each counselor will experience. Staff training is extensive and will equip those who are willing to learn with the skills needed to minister in this setting. Counselors need to be flexible and willing to serve in many different situations at Cedarkirk, including some sessions of support staff.
UNIT COORDINATOR    (4 positions)                                 

Applicants for this position need to have a working knowledge of a summer camping program and preferably have leadership experience in that setting. These persons will be responsible for staff leadership, logistics and safety concerns of an assigned camp or mission group at Cedarkirk. Unit Coordinators will work closely with the Directors and with volunteer worship leaders of each camp or conference. Each coordinator will be in communication with: his or her fellow UCs; counselors - to assist and support as issues arise; and volunteers - to help them integrate into the camp community. Other responsibilities include large group leadership (recreation, worship and songs, etc.); facilitating the registration process; creating and distributing weekly schedules; leading staff meetings; maintaining records of the summer's programs; mission site coordination; transportation of campers; and providing guidance and discipline for campers when needed. UCs also assist the Directors during staff training.

LIFEGUARD    (1 position)                                                  
The applicant must be Lifeguard certified (WSI is highly desirable), or willing to be, and be familiar with pool supervision and maintenance. This person will be ultimately responsible for the safety of any group at the pool. The lifeguard will be responsible for learning maintenance of our pool and then for daily maintenance and cleaning with the assistance of maintenance staff. The Lifeguard will also have an active role as support staff - supervising and leading games and other activities and providing time off for other counselors.

CANOE INSTRUCTOR    (1 position)                                   
The applicant must be Lifeguard certified (or willing to be) and/or attend Canoe Instructor Certification training. This person will instruct or coordinate the instruction of canoeing skills and aquatic safety as well as accompany groups on their trips. The canoe instructor must be comfortable making emergency decisions in the event of sudden weather changes or emergencies in accordance with the skill level of campers. As many campers find this activity difficult, it is necessary for the canoe instructor to be patient, gentle, and willing to allow campers to struggle through mastering the skill while maintaining a safe environment. The Canoe Instructor will also have an active role as support staff - supervising and leading games and other activities and providing time off for other counselors.

CHALLENGE COURSE FACILITATOR    (1 position)            
As Challenge Course (high ropes) facilitator, this applicant needs to have high ropes certification (Cedarkirk can provide training) and be comfortable supervising and leading groups on a ropes course high above the ground. The high ropes challenge course is experienced by our middle and high school campers each week and facilitated by the CCF, with additional supervision provided by the group's counselors. You will be responsible for all aspects of managing the challenge course, from equipment, safety inspections, training campers in the use of the course, and debriefing from a Christian perspective. The CCF will also have an active role as support staff - supervising and leading games and other activities and providing time off for other counselors.

The Craft and Photography Director is responsible for implementing craft projects for small groups of campers. This person needs to bring with them skills and creativity to facilitate projects for elementary through senior high campers. The applicant will need to teach art projects, make purchases, work with a budget, and supervise campers. When not with craft groups, the C/P Director will take quality digital photographs of campers involved in activities and catalog these photos. The applicant must have a working knowledge of digital photography, a skill at taking quality pictures, and basic computer skills. The C/P Director will also have an active role as support staff - supervising and leading games and other activities and providing time off for other counselors.

SUMMER CHAPLAIN    (1 position)     
The chaplain is primarily responsible for creating and implementing a pastoral care program for summer staff as well as leading developmentally-appropriate worship services for campers of various ages.  Applicants should have experience planning and leading devotions and spiritual disciplines and be prepared to counsel staff who may want to discuss questions of faith.  The chaplain will work closely with the Directors to adapt and adjust curriculum as needed and assist counselors in planning and implementing creative Bible studies for their campers.  Most importantly, the chaplain will interact with staff and campers in a manner which reflects the grace and love of Jesus Christ.  Applicants do not need a seminary degree, but some formal training and experience is preferable (many former chaplains have been seminary students exploring an internship).